Welcome to HERU Shipping

What we do:

  • Full Management of Vessels
  • Technical and Nautical Management of vessels
  • Delivery of spareparts for all kinds of engines and auxiliarys to competiive prices
  • Worldwide Logistics to competetive prices
  • Carrying out sale and purchase, including memorandum of agreement
  • Bargaining with banks and issuing houses
  • Budgeting of operating expense for ships
  • Insurances: Accounts of relevant ship insurances, Pricing of additional insurances, Handling of losses or claims
  • Purchasing department: supporting ships economically with fuel, lubrication oils, equipment and all other needed goods
  • Creating of monthly accounts of the crew
  • Financial accounting
  • Building supervision
  • Registration/change of flag
  • Crewing: Manning of vessels, survey of crew’s certifi cate of competence, checking oft the crew’s repose period
  • Taking care of supply and provisions
  • Chartering
  • Operating of a ship
  • Execution and supervision of shipyard stays in case of machine care, reparations, rebuilding

Contact / Imprint:

HERU Shipping GmbH

Chief Executive:
Hermann Sibum / Rudolf Alexander Schepers
Mail: info@heru-shipping.de
Web: www.heru-shipping.de
Street, No.: Johannesstrasse 2
Postcode / City: 49733 Haren
Phone: +49(0)5932 4322

Str. Nr.: 61/212/02401
Amtsgericht Osnabrück HRB: 204617
UST ID: DE 275823046